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About E3R

Prof. Cecilia K Y Chan, from the University of Hong Kong is the Founding Chairperson of the Engineering Education Enhancement and Research (E3R) Asia Network. She is also the Associate Editor of the Journal of Engineering Education (JEE). It is hoped that acting as a platform, the E3R will be conducive in facilitating innovative research and best practice in engineering education by enabling interaction among a community of engineering education researchers, teachers and practitioners, enhancing their awareness of good teaching practices and of the learning experience of engineering students.

Aims & Missions

  • To promote excellence in teaching and learning, research and practice of engineering education
  • To identify and resolve significant issues, differences and challenges in engineering education (such as assessment of students, evaluation of engineering programmes and implementation of innovative teaching methods)
  • To enhance communication and exchange of information among academic staff, researchers, and even students in engineering education
  • To understand and enhance the learning experience of engineering students
  • To facilitate the development of the Asian dimension in engineering education
  • To strengthen the basis of engineering education research
  • To provide more resources on research, practice and teaching in engineering education (such as workshop, seminars, grants, engineering and education journals, overseas activities, scholarships, and industrial visits)
  • To strengthen cooperation between our members and people from other engineering societies and organizations, such as the Hong Kong Institutions of Engineers (HKIE), American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), European Society for Engineering Education, and other universities.
  • To enhance collaboration between research and teaching staff from the engineering field and the educational field